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A program designed to equip micro-entrepreneurs with fundamental business skills and tools to grow their business by developing systems and processes so they can automate, outsource and scale their business. 

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We know that entrepreneurs are constantly busy. That is why we created a program with a step-by-step process for each action item. We take the pain & frustration out of developing systems, processes & procedures from scratch by walking you through each exercise and providing examples. We want you to learn & execute as quickly as possible. 

This entrepreneurship curriculum is designed to teach participants fundamental business skills, while equipping them with the tools & knowledge to succeed. The objectives are to learn good business habits, develop effective marketing, conduct competitive research, & creating systems, processes & Standard Operating Procedures—allowing you to outsource, automate & scale your business.

 Hustle Economy Curriculum 


Module 1: The Game Plan To Your Goals

1. Introduction to The Hustle Economy

2. Personalities that compliment your business

3. Holding yourself accountable

4. Vision board​ benefits

5. Mind mapping your business needs

6. Goal setting 


Module 2: Understand Your Customer & Make More Money

1. Introduction to market research (primary & secondary)​

2. Using competitive research

3. Marketing plan (1 of 3; Avatar)

4. Marketing plan (2 of 3; Marketing Message) 

5. Developing your business portfolio


Module 3: Stress Less & Save By Standardizing Your Hustle

1. Utilizing the Customer Journey Map tool

2. Breaking Down Internal Processes

3. Utilizing Workflow Process Maps

4. Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


Module 4: Stop Taking Chances & Understand Your Finances


1. Pricing strategies & models

2. ​Pricing for services

3. Financial modeling & projections

4. Calculating your full-time salary

 Module 5: Scaling Through Automating or Outsourcing


1. The necessity of a "Systems Mindset"

2. Best time to optimize your business

3. Prioritizing your processes

4. Identifying issues in your processes ​

5. Optimizing through automation or outsourcing


  Module 6: Take Your Hustle Out The Hood

1. Marketing plan (3 of 3; Media mediums)

2. Legitimizing your hustle

3. Separating business & personal finances 

4. Leveraging credit as a business asset 

5. Finish & post portfolio

  Module 7: Productizing Your Service (BONUS)

1. Introduction to Productization

2. Designing your solution

3. Standardizing your business

4. Mapping out your operation

5. Building systems for a productized business

6. Connecting all the pieces

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Length 

The program will be completely digital and participants will be able to take the modules at their own pace. If you need additional help, there are personal coaching sessions available for purchase.

If you are chosen for the in-person cohort in South Central that is Sponsored by Supervisor Holly Mitchell, then you will meet once a week for 12-weeks. You will also receive weekly coaching sessions.


The program will be priced at $499 Early Bird Special  ($1,299 Value)

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can contact Alex Lam at (


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