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This is a 7-week training program designed to guide participants through the entire process of The Hustle Economy. Starting with identifying your personal strengths and skills that you can turn into your new hustle, putting all the pieces together through presentations and exercises, acquiring the proper compliance, and starting your own business! The objectives are to teach participants about this environment, how to prepare for it, and ultimately partake in the hustle economy.

 Hustle Economy Curriculum 


Week 1: Create Good Habits and Learn About Yourself

1. Introduction to the Hustle Economy

2. Self-Assessment​

3. Brainstorm ideas​


4. Create a daily business journal​


Week 2: Inner Motivation

1. Recap of previous class ​


2. Vision board​


3. In-class exercise​


4. Mind mapping​


Week 3: Identify Your Line of Work

1. Recap previous class ​


2. Solve a real-world problem​

3. Industry research

4. Interview an entrepreneur (why and how)​


5. How to reach out and ask for an interview​


6. What questions should you ask ​


7. Interview an entrepreneur​


 Week 4: Developing Your Resume


1. Recap previous class​


2. Build a resume​


3. Build a Cover Letter


Week 5: Establishing Yourself and Your Business


1. Recap previous class

2. Where to find work projects​


3. Create a portfolio​


4. Putting your hustle on online platforms​


5. How to develop a scope of work (continuing next week)


Week 6: Stepping Into the Real World


1. Recap previous class​




3. Legitimizing your hustle ​


4. Customer service


5. Time management


6. How to find your first customer​


 Week 7: Continue Growing Your Hustle 


1. Recap homework ​


2. Find a mentor, internship, apprenticeship​


3. Opening a bank account​


4. How to start investing for the future​


5. Credit building ​


6. Certificates  

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Length

Workshops will be held every Monday from 7P - 9P beginning March 9th, 2020

We highly encourage participants to attend all (7) workshops, since each one focuses on a critical component to the entire series. Two classes can be made up at a later date if arrangements are made with the instructors. All (7) classes must be completed with assignments turned in to receive your certificate of completion


We are providing this program AT-NO-COST ($799 Value) to participants who reside in an opportunity zone designated by the City of Los Angeles, or in communities that have been impacted by the War on Drugs

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

The Big House has a small parking lot. There will be additional street parking that is limited. We suggest attendees use some type of ride share application like Lyft or Uber. Additional parking is usually available along Main St. and Jefferson St.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can contact Marco Garza at


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